Be Relationship Ready.

Love: we’re either deeply immersed in it, falsely convinced we’ve found it, actively seeking it or avidly running from it. We meet that “special someone”, go on a few dates, become intimate and call it love. We over-commit, start fighting, make up and begin fighting again. We struggle to find a partner who can truly accept us for who we are. We move out, second-guess ourselves, feel lonely and try again (because this time it’ll be different). We break up again, become resigned, then quickly find a new partner (because this time it really will be different). The whole process is frustrating, exhausting, self-defeating and yet we cycle through it, again and again, thinking that the next relationship will fix the flaws of the last one.

We love losers. Regardless of who we are, what we love or how we identify. It’s about authenticity and self-acceptance. It’s about getting our value and worth. It’s about learning what we want and also learning what we don’t want. It’s about understanding why it hasn’t worked in the past, and changing our stories for the future. Because frankly, love isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated either.

We are not broken. We are just living in a world where the knowledge and skills required for successful love are not taught or valued. Our society tries to force us to fit into a certain mold rather than encouraging us to be who we really are. It’s time we finally get real and learn how to make concrete, positive changes in our lives.

We are all hungry. We hunger to discover our potentials and to form enriching relationships with others. In a world that’s got us increasingly disconnected from ourselves and one another, we must prioritize learning how to have healthy love. Doing so will not only improve our lives, but it will also raise the bar for enhancing our connection and closeness with others in our lives.

We never give up on love. We all experience the same struggles and are all connected in our feelings of despair, hopelessness and loneliness. Most importantly, we can all learn simple and easy-to-use skills to foster healthy, happy relationships and leave our painful patterns behind. We can do this.

We are a community. LovEd is devoted to improving the lives of all humans, regardless of who they are, how they identify, and who their ideal partners may be. We believe in creating a culture rooted in optimizing our potentials, mastering self-love, stepping into our power and fostering healthy intimate relationships. We seek to promote empathy, encourage vulnerability and create a community of empowered, like-minded individuals who live in their value and worth.

We never do big things alone. LovEd will invite impassioned leaders within the personal-growth community to train and implement our programming. We will form partnerships with self-care service providers to help everyone become the best versions of themselves. We will provide an online community for individuals seeking to meet romantic partners who value evolved relationships far beyond today’s status quo. Our online community will provide a more accepting and inclusive platform, allowing everyone the opportunity to come together in a supportive environment, free of uncertainty in our identity. We will offer the tools needed to fix the broken dating scene and truly work at revolutionizing the way we live and love. Ultimately, we will become the trusted clearinghouse for everything love, relationships and personal-growth.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our epic vision for love, and we thank you all for joining us.

You are LovEd.

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Isabell Springer, PhD, MFT

Dr. Isabell Springer is the Founder of LovEd, an innovative self-improvement organization that is passionate about educating you and empowering you to become the person you were meant to be. We do this through a series of interactive and engaging programs and services to provide the practical, proven knowledge we need to create happy, healthy and authentic lives.

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