Meet Isabell

Meet Isabell

Isabell Springer, PhD, MFT

Relationship Therapist LovEd® Founder and Course Leader
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Dr. Isabell Springer is the Founder of LovEd, an innovative self-improvement organization that is passionate about empowering you, educating you and helping you reach your full potential. We do this through a series of interactive and engaging programs and services to provide the practical, proven knowledge we need to create happy, healthy and authentic lives.

Never settle in life, especially in love.

Dr. Isabell Springer is a relationship therapist who refuses to let you settle. Isabell a lifelong rule-breaker who is revolutionizing the way we love. She's a mom who has a penchant for artists and activists, and lives to help people get who they "really are” and invite them to give up their "need to be liked.” Isabell was raised by hippie parents and embodied from a young age the desire to do things differently. She is passionate about discovering the intricacies of each individual who crosses her path, and is especially devoted to uncovering what life and love means to them. When she’s not busy changing the game of love, she enjoys spicy chicken wings, beer and college football.